Check out the video below for a brief tutorial on navigating Schooltool!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Schooltool for the first time?

Click here for a PDF guide for logging into Schooltool for the first time

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Does my student have access to Schooltool?

Students in grades 6-12 have access to SchoolTool, which allows them to access their schedules, progress and report card information, and individual teacher assignment grades for participating teachers. The District has used SchoolTool since the 2006-07 school year as its student information and management system (SIS). For questions or comments about SchoolTool, students may talk to their classroom teachers, librarians, or computer lab staff. Students should login to SchoolTool from Fairport Classlink.

How do I view student information from the Schooltool homepage? 

When you log in, you will see the homepage. This page contains a list of your students in the system. 

To view the information for your student, click the "person" icon to the left of the student's name (see below)

You should see this icon next to your student's name

How do I view my student's report card?

For best results, we recommend accessing report card data on a standard Laptop or Desktop computer with any modern web browser and Adobe PDF viewer software installed. Schooltool will function properly on a mobile device or tablet, however, the report card generated when clicking the print icon may not display correctly on mobile.

Why does nothing happen when I click the printer icon? 

 A popup blocker is restricting the report card from running.  This is a common issue with the Safari browser.  Turn off popup blockers or look near your address bar for an icon indicating that the action was blocked.  If you click that icon, you can typically override this.

Why does a blank window come up when I click on the printer icon? 

Report cards require a PDF viewer in order to view.  We recommend using Adobe Reader to view PDFs.  Once installed, run the report card again and it should load properly. 

Why don't I see a printer icon to click on? 

The printer icon will only display on the full version of schooltool and when report cards are released.  If you are on the full site (not the mobile version) and you still do not see the icon, either the report cards have not yet been published to parents or your drop down selections are not on the correct marking period or school year. 

Why are some of the street addresses underlined but not others? 

An address is underlined if it is the address where the student resides. 

What do the icons mean? 

Schooltool uses icons to display a number of different pieces of information. If you hover your mouse cursor over an icon for a few seconds, 

a message will appear with an explanation of the icon's meaning. 

Why don't I see my student's report card grades? 

Grades are not displayed until the student's school has verified and published the information. Because of this, it is possible to see 

the grades of a student in one school but not from another. 

Why don't I see my elementary student's report card grades? 

Elementary report cards are viewed by clicking on the Print Icon on the Grades tab. 

Why isn't the Schooltool website loading? 

Schooltool performs periodic updates and maintenance throughout the school year. Please be patient during these down times. 

What is the URL for the SchoolTool App?

When using the SchoolTool iOS/Android app, you will need enter the following URL when prompted: 

Why doesn't my email address show up in the 'From:' field when I send emails? 

It means that you do not have an email address on file. Please contact your student's school office to update your email address. 

How often is the information in SchoolTool updated? 

The information in SchoolTool is live. You will see updates as they occur at your child’s school. 

If I have a question about my student’s information, whom do I ask? 

If you have any questions about your student’s grades or schedule, call your student’s teacher or counselor. For questions regarding contact information, please contact your student’s main/guidance office.